We have instituted a new procedure for work parties which was successfully tested on the May 22nd Miramar work party. Basicly, we have established a telephone call network so that members who have indicated an interest in work parties will be notified the week prior to a scheduled party. With a staggering work load of projects to be accomplished we need all the help we can get.

So, if you're in our call network please make every attempt to get the word to the two members who are your responsibility. If you're interested in helping out in restoration or repair projects, and have not been contacted, give General Manager Dave Parkinson a call (488-3673) and he'll see that you become a part of the network. You'll then be informed of coming parties, although being in the phone network does not obligate you for any specific number of appearances.

But remember, this is your Museum and your equipment; when it comes to passing the buck on work parties it doesn't go very far because there aren't that many of us!

Our most recent work party held on May 22nd saw continued Shay throttle repairs and replacement of about half of the firebrick removed for boiler inspection. The turnout was so good we were able to put some workers to work in passenger coach 576 for some necessary clean up. Also, the builder's plate from #11 was removed temporarily for safekeeping. Thanks to one and all for the fine turnout, sorry we can't name you all individually, but you know who you are!

In the Coming Events segment, there are two work parties scheduled for Saturday, June 12th. We're going to need a good turnout to pull this off. Another restoration project is on tap for the line truck located at Bob DiGiorgio's house (10158 Buena Vista Avenue, Santee);

at 10 AM. Contact either Bob (448-6161) or Dave Parkinson (488-3673) for further details. Also on the l2th, the stand for the Museum's wooden water tank (located at 1461 East Lexington in El Cajon) will be dismantled. This project, which begins at One PM, is under the guidance of Dick Pennick, so contact him for details (463-2276).

On Saturday, June 22nd, there will be a (hopefully) final pre-steamup work party at Miramar on the Shay. A good turnout is necessary to complete repairs if a tentative July steamup is to materialize. Bob DiGiorgio is the contact for more information (448-6161).


George Geyer has announced last year's successful excursion over the entire San Francisco Municipal Railway streetcar system will be repeated on, Sunday, September 5th.

However, this year a specia1 bonus is included. George has received word that Car #1 will be used for the entire trip. Last year we had to change over to a modern PCC car for the portion of the system beyond the Twin Peaks Tunnel, but Muni officials have become more lenient and Car #1 will be used on all lines-with the minor exception of the "J" line.

This excursion is still in the planning stages and George premises more details next month.

The Board of Directors has agreed upon a $16.50 round trip fare for the July 17th PSRMA excursion to Los Angeles. However, final okay has not as yet been received from Amtrak. Once the okay is received, you'll be getting all the information on the trip. This is a unique opportunity to see the Coast Route aboard the 1uxury of private railroad cars.