REPORT - What did you think of the May 1971 issue of REPORT? The REPORT Staff really outdid themselves. They may not realize it, but by setting such high standards for quality it may be difficult for them to sustain this level of excellence. REPORT is operating on a very modest budget of $25.00 per month. If further improvements are expected then the budget must increase too. Only after PSRMA's income rises will more goodies be possible. More income can be obtained by increased dues! Or by more donations!. Or with increased membership. Right now the most desirable avenue would be more members. So why don't we all make a commitment to bring in at least two more members this year. With 400 members we couldn't help but accomplish most of our goals within the next few years....

MIRAMAR STORAGE - Our first year at Miramar Naval Air Station ended May 30th, l971. Just to releive any apprehensions, Captain A. W. Chandler, Jr., Commanding Officer of NAS Miramar, has recommended PSRMA's lease be renewed for another year. Additionally, he endorsed our request for additional storage space to accomodate the two engines in storage at Perris, California; i.e. E.J. Lavino #10 and Mojave Northern #3. Movement of the two locomotives is pending receipt of a half-rate tariff from Santa Fe, and probably a couple of work parties to get the locos ready for the long trip. On a recent visit to the Orange Empire Trolley Museum, I observed the #10 has weathered very little. However, #3 looks like a basket case! Paint is peeling off and she sure looks shabby, but as soon as the two arrive at Miramar a little tender-loving-care will rectify the situation.

THE FUTURE? - Next month I hope to present a complete expose of the successes and failures of organizations similar to ours. As a clue of things to come! There is a strong movement from several directions urging business to embrace the arts and other educational activities. In many cities business has already identified enthusiastically with such pursuits, and it seems fair to say San Diego is one of these. The evidence of a potent blend of business and culture here rests largely with the expanding success of an organization called the Combined Arts and Education Council of San Diego County-COMBO for short. Think about it!



Mrs. Katherine E. Carlin of Coronado has donated to PSRMA what has become the oldest book in the Museum library. Entitled The Economic Theory of Railway Location, the book was written by A. M. Wellington and published in 1889. Mrs. Carlin, who is active in the Coronado Historical Society, was present at PSRMA's recent "spike pulling" ceremony in Coronado and offered us the book at the time.

At the April General Meeting Charles Briar of San Diego presented PSRMA with a number of items that were personally dear to him. Mr. Briar was active on the San Diego committee that was sponsoring the planned visit of the Flying Scotsman last year. Alan Pegler, owner of the Scotsman, had given Mr. Briar a book titled Flying Scotsman and a solid brass replica of the locomotive's nameplate. Mr. Briar felt more people should enjoy these gifts, so he in turn presented them to PSRMA for safe keeping and future display in our indoor Museum.

These two generous donations are examples of what happens when people become aware of some of the things PSPMA is doing. We are, of course, extremely grateful to Mrs. Carlin and Mr. Briar for their unique, and signifigant, gifts.

Lots of official Museum name badges are still available for those members, both Regular and Contributing, who do not already have theirs. These good-looking blue badges are nice and large, 3" in diameter with the Association name in black around the edge and the word "member" in a rectangular window in the center. Any member who plans to ride on Museum excursions , or take part in other events, should have a badge to let everyone know how proud he is to be a member! Tariff is but $1.00 to: PSRMA, Inc., c/o Dick Pennick, 9584 Upland Street, Spring Valley, California,. 92077.