PLEASE, DON'T PANIC! John Hathaway's excellent column the SOUTHWEST CORNER will return in the December issue. The column which each month brings REPORT readers up-to-date on the activities of railroading in the Southwest is one of the most comprehensive and informative articles available to railfans. It is REPORT's pleasure to bring you this feature each month.


PSRMA's office in the depot has been officially vacated. In the early days of the museum, an office was obtained for business and meetings. For several years, the office has been unused, except by Wally Duthie who ran a rail-excursion business. All furniture removed from the office has been temporarily placed in the Southwest Railway Library next door along with other museum property.

A new museum brochure has been printed. The brochure measuring 8-1/2xll is a brief introduction to the museum and what we are trying to do. The brochures will be available for members to distribute when and where they can. If you would like some, contact Jerry Windle, 282-6770.

A commemorative medallion for BART is available for $2. This medallion is being stamped on circular blanks stamped from the rails. How much more authentic can you get? Write the B&C Company, 119C Kain Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94706.

Get those work gloves ready! An all-out effort to restore PSRMA's line truck is planned for the new year. Plans call for the truck to be used in parades and other public events to call attention to the museum. Watch for further details.

Chop Kerr has a number of railroad items for sale. These are items offered in conjunction with last years Golden Spike celebration and quite collector's items they are becoming. Included are the special Golden Spike medallions at $5. An outstanding portfolio of four pictures of American type locos including engines #119 and the Jupiter are available for $5. Two posters; a copy of the original 1869 "Great Event" and one published last year for the celebration are only $2 each. He also has a number of railroad spikes at 50˘ each. These are large spikes in good condition which could be polished or even plated with chrome or bronze for an attractive desk piece. Contact-Chop at 291-4787 if you are interested.

board notes

Highlights of the November 3rd PSRMA Board Meeting.

A new meeting place for our General Meetings was discussed. The depot has bad acoustics, plus outside noises. Possibly a location where PSRMA could maintain a semi-permanent display of equipment to be operated like the loco-staffings last year. This location, hopefully, would be in the metropolitan area.

A check with the County revealed that PSRMA equipment, i.e. locos and cars, could be transported over county roads to a museum site. Costs are now being formulated for museum information.

Ideas on the leasing of member—owned equipment to the museum were discussed. Members owning equipment i.e. locos, cabooses, etc., would be able to lease their equipment to PSRMA where they could store it at the museum site. In return PSRMA would be able to increase its roster without any additional expense to the treasury.

Chop Kerr, ass't. director of procurement, reported that there are several pieces of rolling stock available for purchase, including several steam engines. Unfortunately most are back East and movement to San Diego would be prohibitive cost—wise.

Dave Parkinson, vice-president, presented a letter which will be going to all members shortly which will ask members just how much they would be willing to assist the museum should we enter a financial transaction for a museum site. The reply will in NOway commit the member to anything. This will merely be a planning guide so a positive financial base can be established.


It's that time of year again. Time to renew your membership in PSRMA. If you are truly interested in seeing PSRMA achieve its goals, then your support and assistance is needed. This past year saw a lot of activity within the museum. If you want to be part of it during 1971, better send in your dues right away! Don't forget! Contributing membership is $3 a year with a Regular membership at only $10. Already 1971 is shaping up as one of PSRMA's biggest and greatest. Won't you join us?