PSRMA will operate an excursion to Puerto Penasco in November in place of the planned Union Pacific excursion to Kelso. The trip will be operated for the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce with PSRMA acting as operators of the excursion. November has been the date of our regular trip in the past and the weather has always been excellent, quite different from the heat of our trip earlier this year.

November will also be the Flea Market in La Jolla. PSRMA has acquired a booth for $20 with any and all profits going into our treasury. The only hang-up now is coming up with something to sell that people will want to buy. Foods are out due to health requirements. So let us know what you have done in other groups for items to sell so we can see about rounding up some goodies. Contact Jerry Windle at 282-6770 with your ideas.

Recent observations of the San Diego and Arizona Eastern's Coronado Branch reveal that several lengths of track in Coronado have been ripped up as well as the Amphibious Base siding. Switches have been removed on this siding and rails replaced on the main track.


The dismantling of the Santa Fe Yard Office is progressing on schedule.The Yard Office proper was essentially levelled by Saturday, August 8th, and the "annex" will follow in succeeding weekends.

The original building has been remodeled over the years, but sufficient evidence of the original remains to aid in the rebuilding. Much of the original construction was redwood, put together with old-type square nails. There is little doubt that it dates from the first days of the California Southern Railroad (1882-1889). An interesting "find" was made in the attic of the annex, under an inch of steam locomotive soot and dust. It was a pad of switchmen's time slips, made out in pencil for the year 1913 listing many of the old steamers of the Santa Fe, including; some of the original California Southern eight-wheel ors still on the system after 30 years of service. Most of these on the Coast Lines were retired in the 1920's and 1930's. It will make a nice museum exhibit.

Two of the hard-working crew on this project are the husband-and-wife team of Don and Vivian Carr. After observing the zeal with which Mrs. Carr tears into a roof or wall, I think we're missing the boat not having a ladies auxiliary! Besides the Carrs' other hard-working helpers have been Jim Lyerla. Dave Parkinson. Bob DiGiorgio, John Hathaway, Dave Hobson, Raoul Morales, C. L. Benbow, Bill Richards, Eric Sanders and Dick Pennick.Thanks again for your help and assistance. The payoff will be to see the building reconstructed at our permanent home.



Old Tuscon purchased the 98-year-old steam locomotive originally owned by the fabled Virginia & Truckee railroad which operated between Reno, Carson City, Minden and Virginia City, Nevada from 1870 to 1950.

Called the RENO, it was purchased from the David Weiss Co. in a recent auction of MGM properties along with a tender and one passenger car. It has been seen in such movies as "How The West Was Won", "Union Pacific", "The Outlaw" and "The Return of Jesse James".

Robert Shelton, Old Tuscon president, said the movie location company outbid the Nevada Heritage Association the Strasburg (Pa.) Rail Museum and the National Park Service to obtain the historic train. He did not disclose the purchase price, but said it is insured for $100,000.


The decision on just when the Silverton Branch of the D&RGW will be severed from the system which gave it its birth, and by whom, has been delayed with the word that the railroad has rejected all bids for the salvage operation it had hoped would accomplish the job.

It is understood the contract specifications called for a start within ten days after acceptance to tear up the track that lies between the Durango-Silverton section the railroad has been unable to abandon and the Antonito-Chama section it has just sold to the states of Colorado and New Mexico. The Farmington branch is also to be scrapped. An estimated 800 cars are to be included in the job.


by Dave Parkinson

PSRMA is presently at the crossroads with regard to its future and the type of organization it chooses to be. As the editorial in last months REPORT clearly pointed out, we have a basic decision to make in the near future - - -that is, do we wish to continue our operation as primarily an arm-chair type operation with occasional steam-ups and special events, or are we ready to become an operating entity with a permanent museum site and regularly scheduled operations?

Our land search is nearing fruition and shortly we must make a decision as to whether we are ready for the next major step in our development process ——acquisition of & site. When I assumed chairmanship of the Land Committee six months ago, I was convinced that the Museum was ready for a permanent home. Today I am less sure of this fact. I am uncertain because of two factors; 1) Our limited active membership base; 2) 0ur limited financial base.

Despite & regular membership of over 50 individuals, there are only a relative small number of individuals who can consistently be counted on to perform Museum functions and participate in work activities. This group is becoming weary of carrying the burden, as are their families because of the time these individuals must devote to Museum functions. We draw well at the fun-type activities such as steam-ups and excursions, but we can not count on all the individuals who appear at these activities to appear for the less glamorous, mundane work.

The committment to a permanent museum operating site will increase the work burden. We cannot hope to succeed with the present cadre of active workers. Consequently two things must happen, in my opinion, if we are to proceed toward our goal: 1) Inactive Regular members must commit themselves to the Museum goals and increase their participation. We Must expand our Regular membership involvement; 2) We must initiate an active recruiting policy to seek out individuals in the greater San Diego area who have similar interests, and who are willing to contribute their talents to the Museum effort. It is everybody's job to get new members——not just the membership committee's.

On the Financial front we are also weak. Although the Puerto Penasco excursion put us in the black for the first time in several months, the present balance is inconsequential in relation to the funds needed to procure land. We need financial help desperately. If you cannot become physically involved in our activities consider giving additional financial support. Contributing members should consider becoming Regular members ao that we will have additional membership revenue. You will all be contacted regarding a financial pledge for the land purchase —consider it carefully and give us your support if you are able to do so.

In short — we are at the crossroads. Membership can no longer imply a passive interest in the Museum's activities. We must have your personal and financial support or our dreams of expansion will turn into a nightmare of disillusion. I believe we can move ahead to the next phase of our growth; but I similarly believe that it will require an effort above and beyond our present committment. Please contact myself, Dick Pennick (President), or Chop Kerr (Chairman, Ways and Means, with your ideas, opinions, financial pledge of volunteer of services.


1 - Board Meeting, 7:30 pm, San Diego Trust & Savings
6 - San Francisco Muni Excursion, 10am, $6.50; Ticket orders to George Geyer, 2928 Fir St., San Diego, CA 92102