1the St. (L)
  Fig U
  Flower We
  Grand J
  Hill Ln, A, PE
  Bdwy Wn, 9, 10, P

Broadway W

Broadway W 9 10 (5,6
  9th N join BdP l
  7th J R H S
  6th PE
  5th 3, U D
  4th tr. to e
  2nd 9 to e
  1st L & 2 (Hill, 1st, n on Bdwy) also A
  5 6 W n on Bdwy P e on st

  Spring 7 8 N
  Main B G 0 (PE joins 1st 1 blk)   LA PE swings n
  SanPed PE
  Evergreen 33 (if we go this far)

11th &. Figueroa
  L on 11th, U on Fig

Figueroa to Pico

Pico P
  Vermont V

Vermont V
  10th L
  9th Ne
  8th Nw
  7th Re Se

7th R S
  Alvar H joins 7th
  Fig U
  Grand J from s joins
  Hill A, PE
  Bdwy 5 6 9 10 P W
  Spring 7 8 N
  Main F G B 0 PE
  Maple Hlv to s
  San Pedro S to s

San Pedro S
  9th PE
  12th B G
  Jeff K
  Vernon V

Vernon V
  McKinley Gter on n
  Central U
  Ascot B
  L.B. PE
  Santa Fe J
  Leonis Vbr s on San Pedro, J joins Vernon

Pacific V J
Leonis Vbr to e

Vernon V
  San Pedro S
  Wall H
  Main 0
  Bdwy7 8

  Hoover F 9 Hoover F 9

PRofWay 9

Vermont V U K
  StaBar 10
  39th U to w
  McClintock U to ne
  Jeff J, K to e
  West Adams A
  Wash W
  Pico P
  10th L <>   9th N joins from e
  8th N leaves to w

8th N (now S)

Vermont again
  7th R S join from e
  6th 3
  3rd R S leave w on 3rd

3rd R S (now R)
  Western S Iv to n
  Gramercy 3 comes in 3 and w on 3rd 3 goes K on Larchmt.
  R w on 3rd

7th & Vermont
  See above to San Pedro

  San Pedro S to s
  Central U
San Mateo J to s & 36 ter on n
Boyle 31 ter on a

Whittier Blvd.
Euclid 33 ter on n
Indiana 35 ter on n

1st & Vermont_loop
  H line came in from e

Perhaps you are curious about those little pieces of track you see here and there. Above car line crossings (over today's tour) were those in effect in 1935.

Note: ter means terminal n-north, e-east, etc.