The Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association is an active group of railfans dedicated to the establishment of an operating railroad museum for the people of the city and county of San Diego.

The ultimate goal of the association is a permanent site for a museum which will include a mile or more of track to operate trains and trolleys on, other tracks for display of equipment not operating at the moment, an indoor museum for historical and technical displays, and maintenance shops for the upkeep of equipment.

Since its founding nine years ago, the PSRMA has acquired several historic pieces of railway equipment. Included are four steam locomotives: a 1923 0-60T saddletank engine from the E. J. Lavino Co.; a 1923 0-6-OT saddletank engine from the Mojave Northern Co.; a 1923 shay type engine and a 1929 2-8-2T saddletank engine, both from the Georgia-Pacific Corporation.


PSRMA'S COACH 576 - A "modernized" heavyweight former Union Pacific coach.
Now used for museum excursions.


PSRMA'S SHAY #3 - Donated by the Georgia-Pacific Co., the 1923 vintage loco in excellent
mechanical shape is steamed up for member operation during the year.


PSRMA'S #10 - Former E. J. Laveno Co. 1923 saddle-tank coal burning engine in operating condition is in storage at the Orange Empire Trolley Museum in Perris, California.


PSRMA'S #11 - Latest acquisition from the Georgia-Pacific Co. is this 1929 saddletank oil-burner which will be operational after minor repairs to the boiler.

In addition to the motive power, the museum owns an array of railroad equipment including a Santa Maria Valley railbus, a former Union Pacific passenger coach, a wooden sided boxcar two vintage tank cars and two truss rod flatcars. Other items such as depot signs, lanterns baggage carts plus numerous related railroad items are waiting for display in the museum.

PSRMA is an active group. Yearly events include periodical steam-ups of the operating locomotives and the training of members in operating the equipment. Monthly board meetings plus quarterly general membership meetings are held. Rail excursions are held each year using museum equipment or specially chartered cars or trains. A railroad film festival is an annual event.

Membership in PSRMA also entitles the member to receive a monthly newsletter which not only provides up to date information on club activities but also word on railroading in the Southern California area. The newsletter which features high quality photographs and feature stories is well worth the price of membership.

Two classes of membership are available. The regular membership is $10 a year and includes all privileges, the monthly newsletter plus the right to vote and hold office. The contributing membership at $3 a year is identical to the regular with the exception of voting and office holding rights. All members are eligible to participate in the equipment operating classes held during the year.

If you are interested in trains of any form or power. If you want to become involved in an active group. Then PSRMA is designed for you whatever your interests. From clerks to steam mechanics, we can use everybody. Why not join today and be eligible to participate in this yeas activities?