19 - LOCOS OPEN to the Public, George Boyd is Host.
19 - GENERAL MEETING, 7:30 P. M. at Santa Fe Depot Election of 1970 Officers & U.P. Centennial Program
20 - LAND COMMITTEE Meeting at Pennick's, 7:30 P.M. 26 - LOCOS OPEN to the Public, Dick Pennick is Host.
26 - JOINT BOARD MEETING, R.H.S.of S.D., P.S.R.M.A. & S.R.L. board members only. 7:30 in U.P. Car 1531
27 - MECHANICS TRAINING CLASS. 915 W. Grape, S.D. 7:30 P.M. Subject: Locomotive Air Brakes.

1 - LINE TRUCK WORK PARTY at DiGiorgio's, 9:30 A.M.
2 - LOCOS OPEN to the Public. Dave Parkinson is Host.
4 - BOARD MEETING, 7:30 P.M., San Diego Trust Bldg.
9 - LOCOS OPEN, Sundays 1-4 P M., Crosby at Harbor.
16 - LOCOS OPEN to the Public, Jerry Windle is Host.
23 - LOCOS OPEN to the Public, Bill Richards is Host.
30 - LOCOS OPEN to the Public, Stan Kerr is Host.


A three-man work party on Oct. 11 finally began work on our ex-San Diego Electric Railway line truck. The minor engine repairs needed were started as well as a beginning to the big task of preparing the wood for refinishing. Although the wood body and superstructure of the 1926 White are still sound, they are badly weathered and a lot of work is ahead to give it a beautifying and protective finish. Tom Matson, Jim Lyeria and Bob DiGiorgio showed up. We hope there'll be more at the next session, November 1. The truck is at DiGiorgio's home in Santee, 10158 Buena Vista Avenue.

TRAINING CLASSES for those who would like to learn railroad mechanics will begin October 27 at Bob DiGiorgio's office, 915 W. Grape, San Diego. Welcome!


We've been growing! Our regular membership is now almost 50, and our contributing membership is over 70. But many of you have'nt been active in Museum affairs. If we're going to succeed with our goals, we need more help.

We think many of you are interested in helping, but don't know where to begin. So we're printing a questionnaire below. We'd like to know what your interests are, so we can provide the activities YOU want and can contact you if we have something going we think you'd like.

If you can't be active in our activities, please fill out the form anyway so we'll know not to bother you needlessly.


Save Saturday, December 6, 1969, for a fantrip with our Union Pacific Car #576 to Los Angeles and return. The schedule calls for departure from San Diego at 11:30 a.m. on San Diegan #75 and return to San Diego at 10:40 p.m. on #78. The fare will be $10:50 per person, so if you're interested in a short, enjoyable one-day trip, send your fares to PSRMA, in care of Eric Sanders, 7861 Normal Ave., La Mesa, Calif.,92041.


With the last quarter of the year, membership renewal time has come around again. A large portion of our income is from dues, and by renewing early you can help us estimate our 1970 potential as soon as possible.

Now is a good time for you Contributing Members to step up to Regular Memberships. As you're aware from reading REPORT, 1969 has been a busy year and 1970 looks even better, but we need the full support of as many members as possible to take advantage of the many opportunities. Also, Regular Members enjoy the privileges of equipment operation and office holding. Send in your renewal NOW!


Floyd Mike Roberts is in Mercy Hospital following a string of serious operations. Mike would appreciate your dropping him a card. He required many pints of blood in his operations, and donations of blood in his name would be appreciated.


As a result of a request in the September REPORT, about $85.00 has been donated. We thank those who helped, including Andert, McLean, Calkins, Richards, S. Kerr, Munster, Pennick and Barber. Can YOU help this time? As of Sept. 30th we had $537.35 in the bank, but $1,650.00 in outstanding debts. So we need your help! We're again enclosing an envelope for your donations and/or dues. If you put a 6 stamp on it, you'll save the Museum 8.

Check's should be made payable to Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, Inc. All donations are state and federal tax deductible.