21 - LOCOS ON DISPLAY, John Hathaway is Host.
28 - LOCOS ON DISPLAY, Eric Sanders hosting. 1 - 4 P. M.

5 - LOCOS ON DISPLAY, Crosby at Harbor, every Sunday.
7 - BOARD MEETING 7:30, San Diego Trust Bldg. All Welcome
11 - WORK PARTY on S.D.E.Ry. line truck. 9-1 at DiGiorgio's.
12- LOCOS ON DISPLAY. Volunteers needed! Call 291-4787.
19 - LOCOS ON DISPLAY. 1-4 P. M. every Sunday.
19 - GENERAL MEETING, ELECTION OF OFFICERS FOR 1970. 7:30 P.M., Santa Fe Depot. Y'all come!


Sept. 27 Lavino Test Steamup, for further work on brakes.
Nov. 15 Puerto Penasco Excursion, due to new border inspections. Will reschedule when situation is more predictable.



By Dick Pennick

Negotiations with the H. G. Fenton Material Co. for a long - term lease of a Museum site at Fenton property in the Otay Valley has met with some problems. Chief objection by the Fenton management concerned the long-term nature of the proposed lease, viz. 10-15 years.

Mr. Maher reports that until a new decision is reached on use of the Otay property, the roadbed may still be available for temporary Museum use should we desire it. If it is, the Museum would be required to lay its own track from the end of the existing spur.

In the meantime, the Land Committee has not been idle. Negotiations are continuing with the 22nd District Agricultural Association, operators of the yearly Southern California Expo at Del Mar. Other possibilities are also in the works and these will be reported on as they develop.

NEW STANDING RULES recently adopted by Board

1. No agreement, written or oral, will be entered into by any member that obligated the PSRMA,Inc. in any way, financially or otherwise, without specific approval of the Board of Directors.

2. At least one copy of all Museum correspondence shall be forwarded to the Secretary within thirty days from the date of the correspondence, who will make it a part of the permanent Museum record. The Secretary shall make this correspondence available for inspection by any member on reasonable notice.

3. All bills submitted to the Treasurer for payment shall be accompanied by substantiating receipts, invoices, or other itemized list of expenses.

4. Any bill in the excess of five (5) dollars submitted to the Treasurer for payment must be reviewed and approved for payment by the Board of Directors.

5. To be honored for payment, all bills mast be submitted to the Treasurer within thirty (30) days of the date the bill is incurred. Exceptions may be granted by the Board of Directors.

6. Effective with 1970 memberships, the membership cards must bear the signature of the President and the Director of Records and Personnel.


By Tom Matson

El Paso City Lines streetcars from El Paso to Juarez, Mexico, were temporarily suspended on the 6th of July because of electrical conduit work in Juarez. The suspension is to last from two to twelve months. (Short Circuit Bulletin)

Toronto Transportation Company, TTC, is going strong with 400 streetcars —only 300 being actually required for service. All conventional (Non-PCC cars) are gone except for one Peter Witt car held for a US museum and a few old air-electric PCC cars are left for peak hour services. Streetcars are to last for sometime in Toronto possibly 1980 with perhaps some streetcar excursions.(SCB)

Philadelphia's SEPTA(South East Pennsylvania Transit Authority) rail route 4H was bussed on Sept. 15th. (SCB)

San Francisco Municipal Railway is going strong with its five streetcar lines, 3 cable-car, many trolley-coach and bus lines. As of July 1, the standard fare of 15˘ was raised to 20˘ with the cable cars and express busses to 25˘ It is learned from local railfans that the present system of streetcars will be replaced by new cars when the present cars are placed in the subway tube and that all five lines will be retained with slight modifications to the J-Line routing. Tom Matson and George Geyer enjoyed a day of railfan riding Sept. 6, on SFMRy 1009, an old double-ended PCC car. The Electric Railway Historical Society of Southern California sponsored the tour. The Muni uses 102 of l05 cars in its Monday-Friday rush hours. Three cars are used in maintenance.

On Sept. 7, Tom Matson and George Geyer visited the Rio Vista Junction California Railway Museum located on State Highway 12 between Fairfield and Rio Vista. Sponsored by the Bay Area Electric Railroaders Association, the museum has approximately one-mile of operating track and more than 30 pieces of rolling stock including streetcars, interurbans, box-motors, electric locos, maintenance of way equipment, steam locos, passenger cars and freight cars. An interesting illustrated, 8-1/2x11, booklet describing the museum is available for $1.50 plus tax from the BAERA, 2119 Marin Ave. Berkeley, CA 94707. (TWM)

The Orange Empire Trolley Museum will have its annual meeting October 4th at the Perris Union High School at 7 PM. The meeting will include annual reports by club officers and department heads. Slides and movies will be shown at the Museum. Plans call for streetcars to be operating during the day and night hours. PSRMA, a member of OET, will be represented at the meeting by our President Dick Pennick. All PSRMA members are invited to attend and view our two locomotives which are storad at Perris.


SAN FRANCISCO MUNICIPAL RAILWAY No. 1009 at the West Portal of Sunset Tunnel on Sept. 6, 1969. Aboard is Electric Railway Historical Society of So. Cal. fan trip.