Note that the meeting date is April 8. Yes, that's right. That's next Sunday. Seems that several regulars could not attend on April 15 due to Easter and vacation commitments.

President Al Diamond announces several items for the agenda.
Included are:

  1. Adoption of the Constitution
  2. membership in O.E.T.
  3. acceptance of a proposed maintenance project
  4. a work party for O.E.T.
  5. more on "what's next?"

Meeting place is the Duncan Organ Studio, 1035 25th Street, San Diego.

Members! Turn out for this very important meeting,


At the February 19 meeting members reviewed the first draft of the constitution. Changes were made and approval was given. The Secretary was asked to distribute the revised document to all members and announce that adoption is scheduled for April 8.

Charles Gerdes reported a $58.36 balance in the treasury. He also stated that many members are in arrears for their dues and initiation fee. Dues payments for the fourth quarter of 1961 were canceled. As a result of a review of the roster it was agreed that the permanent roster would include about 10 persons.

The Secretary was instructed to acknowledge O.E.T's interest in SDCRM participation in Perris activity. Copies of the Report and Dispatcher are to be mailed to other railroad museum groups. It was agreed that Mr. & Mrs. Roy Miller be invited to attend a SDCRM meeting and discuss Oceanside railfan activities. The Millers were also invited to present one of their popular movie programs at a regular meeting.

Note was made of Al Diamond's new address: 2016 C Street, San Diego 2. Al's new phone number is 233-0843.


RHSofSD has placed a bid on an 0-6-3 tank-type steam body 54 will be moved in the near future to another location.....The Museum Committee, Mrs. Gladys Umbarger, chairman, is continuing to negotiate for land.

O.E.T. will soon have title to eight acres of land. The Museum needs additional land and is studying the many problems involved in acquiring adjacent land.....LARY 525 is getting a reroofing job......300' of copper wire have been purchased from scrappers of the Long Beach line....big need now is for manpower on the car maintenance work.....OET has tax exemption. (Traction Gazette)

Rio Vista Junction News, publication of the Rio Vista traction museum, tells about grading right-of-way in a 500' long cut, about rain and more rain, about the shortage of ties, about Junction House, and so on. More details in our next enlarged Report.

Santa Fe has donated passenger car #111 to the City of Oceanside. The city in turn leased the car to the Oceanside, Carlsbad and Santa Fe Model Railroad Club. Other equipment is being sought by the city.

"Feasibility of bringing a display of a railroad engine and car to Grape Day Park is being studied by the (Escondido) Parks and Recreation Department, Jack Powell, director, said yesterday. The action was requested by the Escondido Model Railroad Club, which hopes to set up railroad displays in the car, Powell said. He added that the project probably would cost several thousand dollars." (San Diego Union).

Mt. Rubidoux Chapter of the Pacific Railroad Society has purchased Soo Line private car 54. It is located on a spur at the San Bernardino Santa Fe station.

All Aboard Inc.'s private car Soo Line 52 is at San Bernardino for a new Santa Fe-style paint job.