THE TREASURER reported that income currently was equally outgo. Funds are on hand to meet the necessary obligations due on or before December 31.

THE PROPOSED EXCURSION CONTRACT with Wally Duthie was reviewed. An addition was made, giving a time period of 30 days for implementation of a mutual termination. An attorney will review the contract after which a copy will be forwarded to Duthie for his review.

MAlLING OF DONATION BROCHURES is planned for late in January. Doug Reynolds offer to address the cards was accepted.

OET * PSRMA relationship has been reviewed by the OET board. A letter received by Stan Kerr regarding the problems set forth by OET was discussed. It was agreed that operations at OET be discontinued until the problems be resolved.

A SPECIAL ISSUE OF REPORT was authorized by the board. This is in connection with the exchange with PRS "Wheel Clicks".

AUTHORIZATION FOR REPAIR OF POP VALVES was made. The shay steam gauge is to be tested and calibrated, and if necessary the pop valves will be rebuilt.

PROPOSED A DUES INCREASE to ten dollars per year.

PLANNED INSTALLATION dinner (potluck) with Kent Anderson to be in charge. (See pg. 1)


Report is the official publication of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum of San Diego County, California, Incorporated.

Officers are:
Terry Durkin, president Lee Adams, vice president Eric Sanders, secretary David Willoughby, treasurer

Newsletter editor is Charles Kent

Museum Address is:
P. O. Box 12096 San Diego, California 92112

Report Address is:
2418 Edding Drive Lemon Grove, California 92045


According to an article in a recent issue of the Trainman News, a Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen publication, the Southern California Rapid Transit District will ask voters next year to approve financing for a 62 mile commuter rail network for the Los Angeles area.

The proposed network will be a combination of surface, subway, and elevated track. The cost of the rail system with over 300 miles of feeder bus lines will top 1-1/2 billion dollars.

To most of us, who are rail minded anyway, it seems kind of expensive to do things this way. Just think of the over 300 miles of Pacific Electric Railway interurbans that until just a short time ago performed basically the same service.

Of course the Red Cars were not the most modern. But they were fairly fast, and could outrun the busses. Looks to us as though things done in the name of progress tain't necessarily so. Like Havelock Ellis said - "What we call progress is the exchange of one nuisance for another nuisance." Wonder if the new rail cars will be red? How about it SCRTD?

REWARD! $5000.00

The Southern Railway has offered a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest and coviction of a gunman who has injured an employe in East St. Louis.