SANTA FE has placed an order for 60 3600 horsepower locomotives with Electro-Motive Division. The locomotives, SD-45's will cost $17 Million....(Trainmen News) Passenger business is back to normal after the bus and air strikes of the past summer. Potash trains have been missing for the past couple of months. A few cars of potash were noted at the Tenth Avenue Terminal in mid-September.

SAN DIEGO AND ARIZONA EASTERN has placed crossing gates in service at Naples Street in Chula Vista. More gates are under construction at the Interstate 8 off ramp in La Mesa...In mid-September two more 600hp switchers arrived on the San Diego scene. One, the 1010, is an EMD SW-1, built in 1941. It differs from the 1005 only by having an ungainly spark arrester atop the hood. The other was a multiple unit 70 tonner Numbered 5106. It is still in the old colors. The two engines replace the 1110 which was returned to the SP for use up north, and the 5115 which is rumored to be heading for scrapping.....Business out of Plaster City is way off from the heavy business of a few years ago. Building and new construction in the southwest is off 50% from last year....A switch engine handling 8 cars struck a Greyhound bus on Oct. 2. Two persons were injured in the accident which took place at 12th and L Sts. in San Diego.....300,000 tons of alfalfa pellets are to be moved out of Imperial Valley to San Diego in the coming six months.

SOUTHERN PACIFIC has received some 45 EMD SD-45 diesels. The engines weigh 410,000 pounds and cost over $290,000 each. They are numbered 8800-8844. Also on order or delivered are EMD SD-40's Numbered 8400-8448, Alco Century 630's and GE u-28-C's. Extension of the microwave system between Tucson and El Paso is to begin in 1967.

Timetables of CANADIAN NATIONAL, to be published October 30, will utilize the 24 hour clock system rather than light and dark type to designate a.m. and p.m. Use of the 24 hour system, declared Norman J. MacMillan, executive vice president, appears to be a universal trend, particularly in the transportation field. It's adoption by CN, he said, is also brought about by the use of mechanized or computerized information systems..(Railway Employes Journal)

Firemen had parked their eight ton truck on railroad tracks of the GREAT NORTHERN to fight a brush fire five miles east of Vancouver. When firemen returned to their vehicles to get more equipment they saw a GN passenger train bearing down on the truck. The train knocked the truck 50 feet in the air as firemen scattered. No passengers were injured...(Trainmen News)

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