Glossary 4
OPEN SWITCH When switch is open, the main track is connected to a siding or spur
ORNAMENT Station Master
0. S. To report a train to the dispatcher when it departs a station
PADDLE Semaphore signal
PARLOR Caboose
PARLOR SHACK Rear brakeman on a freight train
PECK Twenty minute lunch stop
PEDDLE Set out freight cars
PEDDLER Local freight train
PIG PEN Roundhouse
PIKE Railroad
PILOT An employe assigned to the train when the engineer or conductor is not acquainted with the rules or portion of railroad which train is to be moved
PINK Caution card
POP Safety valve
POSSUM BELLY Tool box mounted under caboose or tender
POUND HER To work a locomotive to its capacity
PULL FREIGHT To quit a job
PULL THE PIN To quit a job or quit for the day
RAIL The T shaped iron a train runs on or a railroader
RATTLER Freight train
RAWHIDER A supervisor that drives his men extra hard
RED BALL Fast freight
REEFER Refrigerator car
REGULAR TRAIN A train authorized by timetable
RIGHTS OF A TRAIN Rights that one train possesses over another as defined by train order, time table, or direction
RIGHT TO THE ROAD The right of a train to occupy the main track at a particular time or place
RIP TRACK Siding used for minor car repair