At long last our museum has reached its first goal. On May 11, a steam locomotive was donated to PSRMA.

The locomotive is an 0-6-0 T, a six-wheeled switcher without a tender. The locomotive is of the type which carries its fuel in tanks and bunkers carried on the same frame as the cab and boiler.

The engine was donated to us by E. J. Lavino & Company of Sheridan, Pennsylvania. It weighs 117,440 pounds, has 44-1/2 inch drivers, 16 x 24 cylinders and carries 180 pounds of steam.

Until such time as our organization acquires land for operation of a museum, the engine will be stored and operated at Perris, California. The site at Perris is the Orange Empire Traction trolley museum.

Terry Durkin reports that transportation arrangements for the locomotive have been made. No arrival date has been announced as of yet. Watch your Report for progress reports on PSRMA's first locomotive.


For the education and pleasure of our readers, the Museum Operations staff has compiled a Glossary of Railroad Terms and an illustrated booklet of Railroad Hand signals.

One page of the series will appear in each issue of the Report. The pages may be removed and placed in a note book or other reference.

The staff wishes to thank Toni Strop, and old S. P. rail, and Charles Kent for their help.


Although still not completed, the work project at the Hayward's property has gone extremely well. This property is the site of a temporary PSRMA storage yard.

Inventory of materials stored there has been under way recently. This vital project will be continued at a date yet to be announced.

Many thanks to Stan Kerr, Eric Sanders, George Allen, Dick Pennick and Dan McLean for the hard work they have done on the inventory project.

Thursday night work parties are here again. They are to be held at 7:30PM each Thursday. The location will be at our temporary museum site, 4880 Beaumont Drive, La Mesa. The prime concern at this time is the crash program to complete the restoration of the railbus. It is hoped that it can be completed in time for exhibit at next year's fair.

An all day work party will be held Saturday, June 25. Be sure to attend and help got the bus on the road.

Your editor wishes to thank Eric Sanders for the fine job done on Issue 26 of the Report. Due to illness in the family, Eric was asked to take over.


PSRMA's next business meeting will be hold Sunday, June 19, at 7:30PM in the old El Cajon library.

Remember! Work parties are on each Thursday evening. Also there is one on Saturday, June 25. Get out and SUPPORT ALL PSRMA ACTIVITIES.....