REPORT Page 26-2 (Revised)


Report is the official publication of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Assoc., Inc.
of San Diego County, Calif.

Officers are:
Stanton Kerr, president; Lee Adams, vice president; George Allen, secretary; and Vic Koenigsberg, treasurer.

Report staff members are:
Charles Kent, editor; Kent Anderson, publicity; and George Geyer, circulation.

Museum address is:
1050 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, Calif. 92101.

Report address is:
4064 47th St., San Diego, California 92105.


Next meeting of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Assoc. is set for Sunday, May 15, the day following the Fallbrook excursion. Meeting place is the Old Library Building across from the fire station in El Cajon. Meeting time is 7:30 p.m.

A work party is to be held at Walter Hayward's home on Sunday, May 22, at 9 a.m. The inventory will be completed. Thursday night work parties will begin shortly. Hayward has announced a crash program for the completion of work on the Santa Maria Valley rail-bus. The car will be placed on exhibit at the Del Mar Fair in 1967.


The excursion from Mexicali to Puerto Penasco announced for May 29 has been cancelled.


The Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association in April became the fourth California railfan organization to be granted federal tax exemption.

Stanton Kerr, president, and Louis Nigro, honorary member, filed applications, completed questionnaires, wrote letters and briefs, and appeared for hearings. After months of deliberation & delay - the Internal Revenue Service granted the request and on April 9 President Kerr received the exemption number, LA-EO-66-382.

PSRMA members and guests may not include dues and costs of services rendered as tax deducations in income tax reports. Donations are tax deductible, however. PSRMA acquired tax exemption from the state at the time of incorporation.


Attached to this issue of Report is a copy of Issue 46 of Dispatcher. This issue, originally prepared to tie in with the 1964 Fallbrook excursion, is presented to you with the compliments of the Museum.

Dispatcher is distributed to all dues paying members of the Railway Historical Society of San Diego, a sister rail-fan organization. It is an official publication of the Society and also an affiliated publication of PSRMA. The editors hope you will enjoy reading "The Fallbrook Line."

Here are some corrections and additions for Issue 46. In the seventh line from the foot of page one, column one, add the word "receive" after "will."

On August 11, 1957, Richard V. Dodge, now deceased, was the featured speaker at a RHSofSD picnic in Fallbrook. He told the California Southern story. After the program guests visited the "original" Fallbrook station down in the canyon. Later Dodge reviewed his notes and wrote the story, "The Fallbrook Line," for Issue 17 of the Dispatcher. In this issue Dispatcher repeats the story and adds pictures and other material.

The Dispatcher excursionists will receive today is a reprint. The original edition was distributed to regular subscribers and to the 430 who rode PSRMA's 1964 "Fallbrook Chief."


Your acting editor (Charles Kent is occupied with housework - his wife was in the hospital but now all is well!) lost his notes but Kent Anderson reported that representatives of a new locomotive type have been observed on the Surf Line.... Douglas Duncan reports that Southwest Railway Library is now an "Inc.," having received state approval of the action... ..On May 11 the Fallbrook ticket sales were over 300 - welcome news in that excursion officials this weekend thought the trip was dead.