Send for the brochure about our "Mexican adventure tour" which will be during Easter Vacation Week. April 2 until April 10, 1966. The tour will include the thrill of riding over the Chihuahua al Pacifico, the new railroad over the Sierra Madre. Points of interest on the tour will be Chihuahua City, Cobre Barranca, the old city of El Fuerte (over 400 years), the jungles of San Blas and Mazatlan. You will meet Senora Pancho Villa, widow of the famous revolutionary, too. The cost will be $225 for each adult in an all room Pullman sleeping car. Price includes sight-seeing and some meals. For details contact W. F. Duthie, P.O. Box 408l, San Diego, California, 92104.......

R E P 0 R T

Report is the official publication of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Associations, Incorporated, of San Diego County, California.

Officers include:
Stanton W. Kerr, president Lee B. Adams, vice president George A. AIIen, secretary Vic Koenigsberg, treasurer

Report Staff:
Charles Kent, editor Kent Anderson, publicity George Geyer, circulation

Museum address is:
1050 Kettner Blvd. San Diego, California, 92101

Report address is:
4064 - 47th Street San Diego, California, 92105

N E W S    O F    T H E    S 0 U T H W E S T    C 0 R N E R * * * * * * * * *


RHSofSD will hold their annual installation of officers and dinner January 10 at the Midway Chuckwagon.


The PUC phas been pititioned by the City of Chula Vista to be placed within the switching limits of San Diego. This will make no change in present yard limits but will be a rate change only. The PUC was also petitioned to order service into town on both railroads.


The San Diegans are once more being advertised in the San Diego Union. Mornings Noon, and Night. So goes the ad plugging the San Diego-Los Angeles trains. According to a Santa Fe spokesman, recently in the San Diego Union, the San Diegans are operating in the black.

$84 million will be spent in 1966 for 4346 new freight cars. 101 of these cars are probably slated for unit coal train service. The unit trains will operate between New Mexico mines and Kaiser Steel at Fontana.

Bad news..... 1 man killed and 25 injured. That's what happened December 22, when a southbound San Diegan, number 76, struck a gravel truck at Anaheim. Two diesel units toppled over and 6 out of 8 coaches derailed. Lady luck was with the San Diegan that day.

More potash. Due in January is a total of 34,000 tons of New Mexico potash for the Tenth-Avenue Terminal. That's around 350 carloads.

Several times in recent weeks northbound freights have had to stop at the depot and cut the crossing at Broadway. All due from mixups in train orders. (K. Anderson)

The heavy rains in November washed out the track behind the Oceanside-Vista local. The crew was forced to tie-up at Vista for the night. (Corky Thompson)