Welcome to Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association's fourth excursion. A special welcome to those of you who rode with us on Los Angeles' yellow cars, the Fallbrook Flyer or the San Diego Harbor Excursion.

PSRMA is appreciative of the cooperation of the Ferrocarril Sonora-Baja California and the bus lines whose facilities are being used today.

Walk through the train. Meet some friendly folk. Look for the "Bottled Beverage" car. Your patronage of this car will be appreciated by railway employees.

Now, please read the following comments.

On an excursion train with the many stops and varied operations it is important that passengers be safety conscious.

Here are some reminders:

  1. Actual operation of the train is the sole responsibility of railroad personnel. PSRMA members will assist with loading and unloading. No other person has any responsibility.

  2. Watch for train movements. Expect the unexpected.

  3. Do not board or leave the train while it is in motion. "Play safe."

  4. Doors must be closed when the train is in motion.

  5. Children must be supervised by their parents. Young children should be with their parents when the train is moving.


0.0      Tijuana.
1.7      Agua Caliente.
9.1      Presa Rodriguez (Dam) and lake.
11.3    Old road R to Tecate via Matanuco and Valle Redondo. Tijuana & Tecate Rly. visable. (Subsidiary of San Diego & Arizona Eastern Rly. Co.).
14.2    El Florido (olives), 23.3 El Gandal (Ranch), 24.7 old road L to Ensenada.
27.9    La Puerta Famous health resort.
31.3    Tecate.
35.8    San Jose cattle ranch; 41.9 San Valentin, then branch roads to mountains.
55.4    L - road to La Rumorosa, Jacume, (near U.U. Jacumba).
62.2    R - old logging road to Laguna Hanson in the mountains.
71.7    La Rumorosa (Alaska) - soon, the descent to the desert.
100.0  R - to Laguna Salada (dry lake).
109.7  Colonia Progreso, colony.
112.6  Colonia Zaragoza.
118.7  Mexicali.

Our train departs the Ferrocarril Sonora-Baja California Mexicali station and then proceeds through the FSBC yard. Then it crosses the highway to the tracks of the Compania del Ferrocarril Inter-California. Our train operates over the tracks of the Internal (a Southern Pacific subsidiary) to Pascualitos and then it switches on to Ferrocarril Sonora-Baja Calif. track.

Mexicali KP Station
0.00 --- Mexicali
then Inter-Cal track
5.59 0.00 Pascualitos (Jct.)
11.62 9.70 Lobo
15.16 15.30 Alamitos (shelter)
17.40 18.90 Cerro Prieto
18.02 20.00 Canal crossing
21.15 25.00 Laguna
25.17 31.50 Delta
27.34 35.00 Curve to left
29.83 38.90 Pescaderos
32.31 42.90 Victoria (quaint town)
34.49 46.59 Curve to left, then to right
36.04 49.00 Rio Colorado - get off train
for movie of
moving train
38.52 53.40 Mezquital
41.07 57.10 Coahuila Passengers have
one hour to see the town.
Listen for long whistle!
42.87 60.00 Baja Calif-Sonora state line
44.49 62.60 Riito
63.50 93.20 El Doctor About 15 minutes
while locomotive changes ends
Fast run back to Mexicali.