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Do come to the next meeting, this Saturday, October 24, 7:30 p.m., in the "Old" Library building in the "triangle" on Prescott Street in El Cajon. Members and guests will view Norman Johnston's movies of LATL, PE and LAMTA. They are worth seeing. Do come. Let's have the best attendance yet. Notify your friends. Call interested persons. Write them.


The only way to go to South San Diego is by rowboat. Silting is heavy and the B.V. Monterey just couldn't make it all the way.

The trip was a success and there was a profit.

The M.V. Monterey hugged the shores and went into Shelter Island commercial basin. Excursionists spent, one half hour ashore at Ballast Point.

On the way out of Glorietta Bay, while the good ship Monterey was taking a short cut, the propellers and rudder bit into the silt and the ferry slid along the harbor floor or sandbar. Progress was slowed and mud was churned up but the ferry made it through.

Jerry MacMullen couldn't make it but Phil Middlebrook substituted for him and all aboard learned a lot about the past and the present.

Newspapers are loaded with political news so there wasn't much space for advance publicity. However, a San Diego Union reporter came aboard for a picture and the Evening Tribune requested a followup story.

EDITORIAL (The following comments are those of the editor and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Association members or the Association itself. E.S.)

Railfan activity in the San Diego area is not what it used to be. Folk do grow weary, excursions are difficult to arrange, and steam is gone.

The RHSofSD Newsletter declared recently that the only Museum in the area is the one in Perris. The Newsletter also reported concern about conflicts in excursion scheduling. All this is true.

What can be done about this? This writer is always happy to offer suggestions - for others, that is. So let's offer a few.

  1. PSRMA members - let's endeavor to see that our attendance at Saturday's meeting is the best ever. Enthusiasm comes with numbers. Come yourself and bring a friend. Seriously, ask others to attend.
  2. Let's work for an educational-type programming. Home movies are fine. Much better, however, would be sessions devoted to the knowhow of railroading. There are folk around town who can offer very fine presentations that have a direct relationship with railroads and railroading.
  3. Let's push this November 15 Mexico trip. PSRMA could make several hundred dollars on this trip. Volunteer to be a white shirt and black tie attendant. Offer to help with publicity. A few good ideas will go a long way. What can YOU do to help? Call Wally and offer your services.
  4. Let's do even more planning on future excursions. Let's not just break even - let's make some money on them. PSRMA's affiliated excursions and its own excursions can be moneymakers. Let us set our first goal - a land purchase fund of $2000. If we really want that $2000, we can get it. The equipment is in town. Let's not dispose of railroad equipment. We have little enough now. Let's get that land and the equipment will stay.

To sum it up, let's have fewer ladies aid teas and instead let us plan meaningful activity and let's get a second museum in this area - one right in San Diego County. Museums, friends of mine in RHSofSD and PSRMA, are being established all over the country. Many are successfully operated. When RHSofSD back in the early days faced the task of raising $1400 to move 104 and 050 into the Del Mar Fairgrounds members could have said, "Let's not" Later, 10 members personally signed a note for $800 so that 528 could be purchased and moved to Del Mar. Now we (or at least the RHS half of yours truly) are talking about selling the U.S. Gypsum car.

What's wrong with us?* Let's set a goal. Say $2000. Let's get going on it. And instead of fighting, let PSRMA and RHSofSD get moving. Do it jointly. Yeah! This is a call to arms! (*Upatdy, maybe.)