Welcome aboard the "M. V. Monterey"! Welcome to Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, Inc.'s third excursion, a Star & Crescent Boat Company ferry ride recreating the Point Loma and South San Diego ferry routes.

Welcome back to those of you folk who were with us on the "Last Of the Yellow Cars"or "Fallbrook Chief" excursions.

PSRMA Inc. offers a sincere thank you to the Star & Crescent Boat Company for cooperation received.

Aboard this ferry you'll find a soft drink concession, rest rooms, and deck space for viewing the sights.

Jerry MacMullen who was to provide the narration is ill and is confined to his home for a few more days. He sends his greetings and he has provided some background information for us. He'll also assist the Report editor in producing a more complete story of the Star & Crescent operations.

Narrator for today will be Phil Middlebrook, well known San Diego area railroad historian. He will be assisted by the editor of Report.

Excursion officials today include William Wootton, PSRMA president; Wally Duthie, excursion director, George Geyer and Charles Gerdes, finance; and Terry Durkin, refreshments.


Next Sunday, October25, the Railway Historical Society of San Diego, offers a charter bus trip to the Orange Empire Trolley Museum in Perris. Buses leave San Diego at 9 a.m. and return at 6 p.m.

At the Museum, guests can observe over 50 pieces of railroad equipment, including many streetcars and interur-bans.

A former San Diego street car and a San Diegon & Arizona Eastern Railway Co. combination car will be there for you to see. Look also for a double-deck tram from. Ireland.

Fare is $4.25. Call Corky Thomson, 3204 McGraw Street, San Diego 9, Telephone 276-3266 for reservations & information.

Excursion number two is set for Nov. 15. On this day you can ride the "Colorado River Express" from Mexicali to El Doctor. PSRMA sponsors this trip. Ask for a folder if you haven't one.


To date, PSRMA Inc. has been longon excursion activity and somewhat short on progress toward museum construction.

PSRMA intends now to plan moremeetings and step up museum activity.

When sufficient funds are available PSRMA will actively look for land. Profits, if any, from excursions will be placed in the land purchase fund.

You may join the Museum as a contributing member for $1 a year. A regular membership currently costs only $2 per year.

PSRMA members, to date, are few in number. You are hereby extended an invitation to join as a contributing or regular member.

If you are interested, please talk to a PSRMA official or write the Association, 7421 Tweed, Lemon Grove, Calif. and request a membership form.


Next regular PSRMA meeting is set for Saturday, October 24, 7:30 p.m., at the "Old El Cajon Library" building in the center of the triangle on Prescott St. just south of Main Street. The "Old Library" is in back of the "New Library."

Norman Johnston, Los Angeles railfan enthusiast, will be showing his films on the Pacific Electric Railway, Los Angeles Transit Lines, and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority. His films will bring back the days of electric traction in Los Angeles.

NEXT ISSUE - Local news summary and report of Museum activity.

REPORT is mailed to all regular and contributing members of PSRMA. 10 per copy, otherwise. Editor is: Eric Sanders. Mail to: 7861 Normal Ave., La Mesa, Assoc. mail to W. Wootton, 1828 Gateway SD