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All PSRMA members are asked to be on duty on the coaches, the baggage car and the open-end observation car. Each member's support will be needed, according to Duthie.

Walter Hayward and Eric Sanders have been asked to serve as assistants to Duthie. Charles Gerdes and George Geyer will handle ticket sales and finances, according to William Wootton, PSRMA President.


PSRMA will meet tonight, March 15, 7:30 p.m. at the home of Bill Wootton, president. Address is 1828 Gateway Drive, which at its southern end intersects Home Avenue.

President Wootton reports that most meeting time will be given to a review of Museum Committee progress. The Fallbrook excursion is also on the agenda. Other items include: another excursion project, additional By-laws and standing rules, a regular meeting place, and suggestions concerning "Report."

Wootton urged all members to be present. He suggested that although much has been accomplished since the organization of the Association, members now face two ambitious projects, the operation of a large scale excursion and the raising of funds for purchase of a storage area for the Museum.


Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association now sports an "Inc." after its name. As authorized by the members, incorporation became official on December 20, 1963 when Eric Sanders, Wallace Duthie, Charles Gerdes, Al Diamond and Walter Hay-ward signed the incorporation papers. Papers were filed by the State of California on January 15, 1964.

Group discussion, examination of other incorporation papers, and first drafts went into incorporation activity. Advice was obtained from a lawyer through Member Stanton Kerr. Recognition of this service will be considered at the March meeting. Total costs were approximately $25.

The Association will now seek tax exemption from the federal government. Income tax exemption for gifts is not possible until this exemption is obtained.


Report is the official publication of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association Inc. of San Diego County, California. Officers are: William Wootton, president; Wally Duthie, vice president; George Geyer, secretary; Charles Gerdes, treasurer; Walter Hayward, museum committee chairman; and Eric Sanders, past president.

Report staff: Eric Sanders, editor and George Geyer, circulation and sales.

Editorial address: 7861 Normal Ave., La Mesa, Calif.

Circulation and sales: 7421 Tweed, Lemon Grove, California.

Report is included in the $2 regular or $1 contributing membership. Copies are available at 10 cents or multiples of 10 cents.


Bill Wootton, George Geyer, Terry Durkin and Wally Duthie helped the OET boys in early March. Trackwork was the order of the day.

Jack Stodelle has agreed to handle most Fallbrook excursion publicity.


In a recent telephone conversation Member Douglas Duncan commented about the state of the steam locomotive and the need for museum activity in San Diego and elsewhere.

He spoke of the disappearance of steam on the White Pass & Yukon. He said that the National Railways of Mexico is desirous of closing down its narrow gauge steam operation. (There is some resistance to this action according to reports in the San Diego Union and other publications.) The Central Railways of Guatemala are about to place a major diesel locomotive order with General Motors.

These lines all have examples of fine reciprocating steam motive power, he said. If a museum group is really serious in its endeavor to acquire a small light locomotive it is time to begin a drive. Two of the railroads named above are accessible to San Diego. Remember that San Diego has a port which is visited by many ships of many nations. A locomotive could be transported here by sea. The small Consolidation locomotives