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Time tables are the general law governing the arrival and leaving time of all regular trains at all stations and are issued from time to time as may be necessary. The time given for each trap on the time table is the scheduled time of such trains.

Each time table from the moment it takes effect supersedes the preceding time table and all special relations relating thereto and trains shall run as directed thereby, subject to the rules. All regular trains running according to the preceding time table shall, unless otherwise directed, assume the times and rights of trains of corresponding numbers on the new time table.

On the time table, not more than two sets of figures are shown for a train at any point. When two times are shown, the earlier is the arriving time and the later the leaving time. When one time is shown, it is the leaving time unless otherwise indicated.

Regular meeting or passing points are indicated on the time table.

The words "Daily," "Daily except Sunday," etc., printed at the head and foot of a column in connection with a train indicate how it shall be run. The figures given at intermediate stations shall not be taken as indicating that a train will stop, unless the rules require it.

Trains are designated by numbers indicated on the time table.

Table of Contents; Page 166; Page 169; Index

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