The 2013
Santa Train
North Pole Limited

a production featuring

Santa and his Elves

The Santa Train North Pole Limited excursions are sold out for the 2013 season. If additional seating becomes available it will be announced here and on the date listings below. Be sure to check back frequently!

Please celebrate the Holidays with us in this special production offered by the Museum and its volunteers, in cooperation with the Mountain Empire and Bonita Vista Valley high schools.

Quick link to Santa's Frequently Asked Questions

This year the Santa Train North Pole Limited will run on the dates listen below. Reservations are required (at Santa's request) for all trips and are available for purchase now.

Click on the desired date below to place your reservation with the Museum's on-line ticketing system. Your purchase confirmation will be emailed directly to you. Bring your printed confirmation with you on the date of your trip, the Campo Depot Station Master will give you your tickets.

Special Note from Santa:

You have to enter your email address correctly on the reservation form! If you don't, Santa won't be able to email your purchase confirmation to you. You will then have to email him at North Pole Depot to convince him that you really purchased tickets and request that he make a special effort to deliver your confirmation. It's never good to rile up Santa, so please make sure you enter your email address correctly!

Fri Nov 297:00 PM Sold Out
Sat Nov 305:00 PM Sold Out
Sat Nov 307:00 PM Sold Out
Fri Dec 67:00 PM Sold Out
Sat Dec 75:00 PM Sold Out
Sat Dec 77:00 PM Sold Out
Fri Dec 137:00 PM Sold Out
Sat Dec 145:00 PM Sold Out
Sat Dec 147:00 PM Sold Out
Fri Dec 207:00 PM Sold Out
Sat Dec 215:00 PM Sold Out
Sat Dec 217:00 PM Sold Out

All trains will be leaving from the Campo Depot. The Depot will be open two-hours before departure time on excursion days. Please plan on being at the Depot at least 45-minutes before your scheduled train departure.

Fares Nov 29 - Dec 7FridaysSaturdays
  • Adults First Class
  • $45$45
  • Adults
  • $30$35
  • Children (2-12) First Class
  • $35$35
  • Children (2-12)
  • $20$25
  • Toddlers (under 2 in adult's lap)
  • FreeFree

    Fares Dec 13 - Dec 21FridaysSaturdays
  • Adults First Class
  • $50$50
  • Adults
  • $35$40
  • Children (2-12) First Class
  • $40$40
  • Children (2-12)
  • $25$30
  • Toddlers (under 2 in adult's lap)
  • FreeFree

    First class ticket holders will ride in the luxurious #1509 observation car. Seating in #1509 is limited to 35 people. Large groups may not be able to be seated together.

    The fun begins at the lighted Campo Depot with fun and good cheer. Once the Limited leaves the Depot Santa's Elves will serve cookies and hot chocolate. The Elves will visit with the passengers as the Limited rockets toward the North Pole. An on-board book reading of a popular Christmas story leads up to the magical arrival at Santa's Workshop, where the train will stop just long enough for Santa to board the train for the return trip to Campo. Santa will visit with all the children on the train so please have your cameras ready.

    The Elves invite the children to wear their pajamas, just make sure they're dressed warmly!

    Reservations are Required in Advance

    Check here to see the Santa Train North Pole Limited photo page.

    Also check our scrapbook for many more Santa Train photos.

    Santa's Frequently Asked Questions

    Will our tickets be mailed to us?
  • No. Just bring your emailed reservation confirmation with you to the Campo Depot. Your tickets will be waiting for you there.
    Why didn't we get our emailed confirmation?
  • Santa uses an Automatic Elf to email your confirmations. You MUST enter your email address correctly for this to work. Santa may know where you live, but his Elf doesn't! If you've been naughty and entered a bogus address on your order form, please send an address that will work to Santa and he will instruct his Chief Email Elf to try again.
    My email address is correct, but I still didn't get a confirmation?
  • Believe it or not, some folks, especially those with Earthlink accounts, refuse to accept email from places they don't authorize in advance. Please don't expect Santa's Chief Email Elf to make special arrangements to get your confirmation to you (see the previous FAQ). You will not receive a confirmation if you disallow email from Santa. But don't despair! You can check in at the Campo Depot on the date/time of your excursion and request your tickets by name. You should also double-check your email spam folder if you do allow email from Santa and you didn't receive your confirmation.
    What time should we be at the Campo Depot?
  • Santa doesn't want to see you miss his train, so plan on being at the Campo Depot at least 45-minutes before your departure time, especially if you haven't been to Campo before.
    How long is the ride?
  • Plan on about 90-minutes for the ride, but it may take longer for Santa to see all the kids and have his photo taken with them. The train should be back in Campo less than two-hours after your departure.
    But how do we find the Campo Depot?
  • Here's a map link to the Depot.
    Map Note: Please do not trust the driving directions given by mapping services or GPS navigation devices to find your way to the Campo Depot. Some services are known to be accurate, others are not. Check the driving directions and map given here as a cross-check if you will be using computerized navigation assistance to locate Santa's train.
    Should the kids wear pjs?
  • Sure, just make sure they're dressed warmly!
    We purchased our tickets at different times. Will we be able to sit together?
  • This shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure you're all together before you board the train.
    What happens if it rains?
  • Santa will run these trips regardless of the weather. Rain, snow, it doesn't matter, the trains will run. All windows in the passenger cars are covered (no open windows) and you may wait in your automobiles until boarding time if necessary. Sorry, no rain refunds or reschedules.
    What if we get hungry?
  • The Depot Gift Shop has light snacks for sale. You may also bring a picnic dinner with you to eat on the train if you'd like.
    Can we return our tickets?
  • Please see the Museum's ticket return policy.
    Can we join the Museum to qualify for early ticket purchase?
  • Yes. Santa and the Museum hopes that you will become active members and volunteer in the future to help the Museum with their programs.
    When can we reserve seats for next year?
  • Check the Museum's Web Site in July for scheduling and reservation information. Also note that Museum volunteers and members receive advance notice of special excursions. Santa recommends joining the Museum to get a jump on next year's trip.

    The Museum wishes to thank its corporate sponsors for their helping Santa with his North Pole Limited. Santa can always use help with his trains; if you are interested in corporate sponsorship, please send a note to Santa


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